Thursday, May 27, 2010

Claudio Fogu's very interesting paper

"Digitalizing Historical Consciousness" by historican Claudio Fogu is a rich, thoughtful paper. I don't agree with all of it, but Fogu argues that playing a video game is "closer to acting in drama than narrating in literature or representing in painting."

This is exactly the argument I make in my book. He goes on to observe that gaming is a matter of role playing, simulation, immersion and interaction -- not representation. I think he underestimates the importance of visual experience in video gaming (it is after all *video* gaming!) which he views as representation not immersion, but largely his formulation appears correct to me.

You need a university account to get to his paper but it comes right up if you google "Claudio Fogu video." It's in the journal History and Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of History.


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Fogu's article can be accessed and saved as a Google document, which can then be need for a University account to access it!

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