Monday, March 20, 2006

you love it and you hate it

Here's something my son Anthony sent around:

"This is a cool representation of the 2004 budget.
Certain items stick out like a sore thumb, like the 2.64 billion we
spent on a single submarine. Here it is. Also, we apparently need 8 billion dollars worth of fighter jets. When was the last dog fight again?--Vietnam war maybe. They should put ME in charge of the budget. :) I would opt for a novel and creative approach in which all
money is spent on things that improve the lives of our citizens and the vitality of our communities! sheesh."

It is impossible for me not to see beauty in the submarine. At the same time, it is a weapon. It probably uses oil and other resources like there's no tomorrow -- an old expression that might have a more literal meaning than its origin intended.

The graphic of the budget is wonderfully expressive. A nice example of what can be done on a computer. At first I thought it should fit the screen but then I began to appreciate its power as I moved around it.


Blogger Anthony said...

Hey Mom,

Cool blog. Thought I'd contribute your first comment!

Amazingly, once in operation, one thing that the nefarious submarine won't be doing is burning oil because it is powered by an on-board nuclear reactor. But of course, with our current infrastructure, any expenditure of 2.64 billion dollars will certainly involve the burning of exhorbitant quantities of fossil fuels.

Speaking of fossil fuels, last Monday I saw a leading expert on climate change, Pieter Tans of NOAA, discuss the current state of carbon and climate. The current outlook is bad, maybe not for me, but for my children likely and for my grandchildren certainly. Atmospheric CO2 (the main greenhouse gas) is at 380 ppm right now, up from 270 ppm preindustrial. But by 2100, it will be ~1000 ppm unless we do something. At that point, things will be starting to get very warm. Tans speculated that we need something on the order of a trillion dollar investment in alternative energy. Is that a lot of money? Well, as Tans pointed out, it's about what the Iraq war will cost.

Or looked at another way, if we invest in alternative energy instead of subs and fighter jets for just this century (10 billion x 100 yrs = 1 trillion), we'll be out from under the climate-hammer by 2100! sweet.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Rick Lee said...

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