Monday, November 03, 2008

socialism is alive and well in the USA

I recently made a reservation at a hotel in San Diego to attend a conference. $179 a night. Not cheap.

I needed one more night. I called central reservations. They got me mixed up with another Bonnie and said the rate was $84. I said, "That must be another hotel." They said, no, same hotel. Then the clerk realized she had confused me with the other guest and said that wedding parties get a special rate.

OK, I can see a little bit of a discount for a group. But I am paying more than double what the wedding party is paying. How is that fair? And those reveling guests will probably make my business-oriented stay less enjoyable.

I don't know who's getting married, but I hope they appreciate my financial contribution to the nuptials :P


Blogger Ian said...

This is what economist call price discrimination. What the economist seem to forget is that when you find out it's such a huge price difference you despise them. This could have a negative cost (if you use the competition - though they all seem to have the same practice).

I find it unethical too. Ryanair, a low cost flight carrier in Europe, practices an extreme form of price discrimination and bait-and-switch, advertising flights for almost nothing and sometimes free, then charging through the nose for paying with a credit card, checking in luggage, suggesting insurance is mandatory, etc.

Ryanair argues they're popular and profitable as a result, but almost everyone I know hates them for this practice and would chose a rival such as Easyjet, at a small additional cost, over them.

4:36 AM  
Blogger Anne Marie said...

Isn't the point that conference attendance is normally work/professionally related and therefore probably tax deductible of not paid for you by your institution, whilst attending a wedding is usually a private matter.

And Ian, I think that easyjet charge for nearly everything that Ryanair charges for. But for some reason easyjet flights are quieter, so I prefer them.

2:03 PM  
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